Woodbury School

This event is run by the Woodbury School Support Group as one of our major fundraisers.  It is a multi-challenge event carefully designed to cater to and include as many as we can.


All proceeds go towards Woodbury School to help fund teacher aids, provide sports and classroom equipment and help fund school camp and other activities.

Woodbury School



Orari Gorge Station is set in the South Canterbury foothills just north of Geraldine. It covers over 10,000 acres consisting of river flats at 750ft above sea level, rolling clay downs at 1000-1500ft and tussock country rising up to 3,500ft.

We run over 8,000 ewes, nearly 700 Hereford cows and 1,500 hinds. We provide top sheep and beef genetics to commercial farmers nationwide with our Orari Gorge Hereford stud and three sheep studs.


Orari Gorge Station was first settled in 1856 by Charles Tripp and still remains in the Tripp family. We are very proud of the high level of environmental protection we have in place with over 1,000 acres of native bush and good water quality ensuring the property is sustainable for future generations.

Check out Orari Gorge on Facebook.

or at their website www.orarigorge.co.nz

Getting to the Race Headquarters

For everyone’s safety, Tripp Settlement Road will be closed from the intersection with Yates Road.  Competitors and supporters continue up this road and follow signs to the Race Head Quarters.  Volunteers will direct you where to park and further signs will direct you to Race HQ




Your time will be recorded by Sport Splits via a transponder. Please note the 4km Family Fun Run and the Station Hill Walk are not timed.

You must ensure that you start in the correct wave allocated to your race. Failing to start in the correct wave will result in the timing system disqualifying you. 



The winner and runner-up male and female from each race will be acknowledged at the prizegiving. 

Prize giving will start with the 11km MTB and 11km Run. The final prize giving will be at 2 pm. The major spot prize, a mountain bike that has generously been donated by Bike Inc Timaru will be drawn at the final prize giving and the winner must be present to receive the prize.

Registration, Fees & Refunds.

Race registration will be at Woodbury School, 559 Woodbury Road on Friday 5th November 3.15pm - 4.30pm and on the morning of the race at Orari Gorge Station between 8am and 9am


Online entries close midnight Tuesday the 2nd November. Entries can be made after this manually at registration but will not be eligible for spot prizes. A $5 late fee is included in manual entries. 

Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Event Cancellation.

The event will only be canceled if the creeks rise to a level that would result in the unsafe running of the event.

Cancellation will be advised early on our Facebook Page and on our Website.


No dogs. 


As this is a working station with livestock, dogs are not permitted under any circumstances, excluding guide dogs.



Cash & Eftpos.


Due to limited internet access on the station, we urge people attending to please bring cash for food, and beverage purchases. However, we will attempt to have a cash-out facility available.




Pre Event Instructions


Race pack collection and Late Entries.


  • Race registration will be at Woodbury School, 559 Woodbury Road on Friday 5th November from 3.15 pm to 4.30pm and on the morning of the race at Orari Gorge Station between 8 am and 9 am

  • Registration / Race Pack Collection and late Entries 8 am - 9 am on Saturday 6th November at Orari Gorge Station 


Race Day Key Times.

    • Registration and Late Entries Closes: 9 am 

    • Compulsory Briefing for all races: 9.30 am

    • First Race will Start at 10 am as follows: 

      • 10 am:              37km and 21km Run 

      • 10.05 am:        42km, 27km and 19km MTB (in waves) 

      • 10.15 am:         11km Bike followed by the 11km run

      • 10.20 am:        4kmFamily Fun Run / Walk / Bike 

      • 10.25 am:        Station Hill Walk 

    •  Cut off times:

      • 19km MTB:       1 hour 30 minutes (11.35 am) at the 9.6k mark

      • 27km MTB:      1 hour 45 minutes (11.50 am) at the 13 km mark. 

      • 21km Run:        1 hour 30 minutes (11.35 am) at the 9.6km mark. 

      • 37km Run:       2 hours 30 minutes (12.30 pm) at the 19km mark.

      • 42km MTB:      3 hours 20 minutes (1.25 pm) from start time at the 32km mark.

    • Prizegiving:

      • 12 pm:           11 km Trail Run and 11 km Mountain Bike  

      • 2 pm            21km, 37km Trail Run, 19km, 27km, and 42 km Mountain Bike and Major Spot                                               Prize 




  • Please ensure you have read the event rules.

  • Ensure you are carrying adequate warm clothes, food, water and bike repair tools (there is particularly sharp chip on some parts of the course).

  • There will be a water station on the 21km and 37km run, 19km, 27km and 42 km MTB courses.  – Water stations are shown on the map, please note some of these are large tanks of water only so ensure you are carrying a cup or bottle to fill with water.

  • Please look at the course descriptions and maps before choosing which race to enter. This event is held on steep and uneven terrain with stream crossings. Please consider this carefully, especially when entering younger competitors.


The organisers reserve the right to change start times and course routes at short notice if weather conditions necessitate this.








  • All competitors compete at their own risk and agree to abide by rules and observe safety requirements.

  • Competitors are required to have a sufficient level of skill and fitness for the race that they are entering.

  • All competitors must be competent walking, riding or carrying bikes across rivers up to 70cm deep.

  • All competitors entering the 11km run, 21km, 37km run, 10km bike, 19km, 27km bike and 42km bike must be competent at negotiating steep down hill and uneven terrain.

  • Organisers reserve the right to withdraw any competitor who shows signs of fatigue or otherwise putting themselves or others at risk.

  • Organisers reserve the right to enforce race cut off points if competitors do not reach certain points in the race by a specified time.



​Cut off times

If you do not reach the course cut of points by the times above you will be asked to turn around and run / bike back to the finish area.

A safety vehicle will be coming through at the end and if race officials deem you to be in need of assistance or a ride home due to your condition and/or timeframes you will be picked up.


ALL competitors must check in with the timekeepers at the finish line. If you are picked up you need to let them know you are back and will be registered as Did Not Finish (DNF)




  • The event will be held in all weather conditions unless irreparable damage to the environment will result, rivers are unable to be crossed safely, or the organisers believe that continuing to hold the event would risk the health and safety of competitors and volunteers.

  • Competitors must follow instructions of marshals and stay to the route described and marked by the organisers.

  • Competitors and their supporters must stay to the designated race hub area. No entry to other areas of Orari Gorge Station is permitted. Supporters are not permitted on any part of the course.

  • Competitors must carry all rubbish out with them, with the exception of cups from aid stations that MUST be dropped in bins that are situated by aid stations.

  • Any competitor caught dropping rubbish will be immediately disqualified.

  • All bikers must wear an approved bike helmet at all times while on his or her bike.

  • Competitors are to carry suitable clothing for the weather conditions.

  • Race numbers must be visible at all times, attached on the front of competitors bikes or on the chest of runners.

  • Listening to music with headphone or earbuds are NOT permitted.

  • Competitors are to give way to faster competitors who are passing them by sticking to the left where it is safe to do so.

  • All competitors are to attend the race briefing prior to all races as well as the race-specific briefing prior to their start time.

  • Competitors are expected to assist other entrants in the event of an accident or medical emergency as per the accident and emergency procedure.

  • NO DOGS are permitted at the event with the exception of guide dogs. Anyone who brings dogs to the venue will be asked to leave.

  • Smoking is NOT permitted at the Woodbury Hill Country Challenge

  • No drugs or alcohol are permitted at the Woodbury Hill Country Challenge

  • Please be aware that this is a commercial farm and has hazards typical of farms including culverts, vehicles, uneven terrain, overhanging branches, water races, and rocky outcrops.

  • Please do not climb fences or gates and ensure your children do not wander unsupervised.

  • Please do not disturb the natural environment.

  • Do not bring dogs or other pets onto the property.

  • Please note that you enter the property entirely at your own risk.

  • The owners accept no responsibility for any accidents to visitors.


Woodbury Hill Country Challenge COVID 19 Guidelines 


  • no restriction on gatherings

  • Must display the NZ COVID tracer QR code 

  • Encourage physical distancing where possible, not required 


  • All social gatherings are restricted to 100 people in any defined space.

  • Must display the NZ COVID Tracer QR code and must record attendees for contact tracing purposes. 

  • Retain contact tracing records for a minimum of 4 weeks in a safe place, then delete/dispose of them, 

  • 1-meter physical distancing applies to people you do not know 

Defined Spaces

  • Tournaments and events can have more than one “defined space”. A defined space is a single indoor or outdoor space separated from other spaces. Each defined space can have up to 100 people, but it is important people do not intermingle.

Race Pack Collection / Registration 

  • Collected from Woodbury School on Friday 3.15-4.30 pm – one person per family to collect race numbers. Race numbers will be ready with safety pins attached or cable ties on top. Use QR code or sign in sheet. 

  • Follow signs and directions to enter and exit at different points.

  • Race Pack Collection Saturday Morning Orari Gorge Station: Competitors are to ensure that they have their bike or running gear ready and then collect their race number as they move to the defined space that is allocated to their race. They can collect their race number from their allocated space. 

On the day late entry 

  • There will be an area separate to registration where late entries can be made

  • Contactless payment is recommended.

Physical Distancing 

  • Lines will be painted on the ground in places where participants will be cueing to collect race numbers or make a late entry 

  • The starting areas will be sufficiently big enough to allow social distancing 

Contact Tracing 

  • On arrival at registration and race day please sign in using COVID tracer QR code.

  • Records of athletes with microchipped race number will be printed and retained as each race starts.  

Race Hub Area / Spaces  

  • Race Hub will be segregated into “defined spaces”. Specified races to be allocated to a defined space area that they will stay in pre and post-race. Each defined space will have a port-a-loo.

  • Space 1: 37km and 21km Run 

  • Space 2: 42km, 27km and 19km MTB

  • Space 3: 11km Bike followed by the 11km run

  • Space 4: 4kmFamily Fun Run / Walk / Bike 

  • Space 5: Station Hill Walk   

  • Space 6: Spectators 

Start Line  

  • Participants will be encouraged to wear masks and remove them once the race is about to start. 

  • Race briefing for all whole event will be emailed and on Facebook

  • Race specific briefing will be delivered in the starting area for each race. 

  • Races will start as follows 

    • 10am:            37km and 21km Run (in waves) 

    • 10.10am:        42km, 27km and 19km MTB (in waves

    • 10.20am:       11km Bike followed by the 11km run

    • 10.30am:       4kmFamily Fun Run / Walk / Bike 10.25am:       

    • 10.25am       Station Hill Walk

  • You must ensure that you start with the race that you have entered, otherwise, the timing system will disqualify you. 

Aid stations 

  • Water taps, tables to be sanitized regularly, Participants must bring their own vessel (hydration bladder, bottle, collapsible cup). Hand sanitizer provided.  

Finish Line 

  • Participants may collect a drink, piece of food, and then return to the “defined space” allocated to his or her race. They must either stay in this space to wait for anyone that they attended the race with or return to their car and leave the event. 

Prize Giving 

  • There will be no prize giving. Spot prizes will be given out at registration. 

  • Race winners will be awarded prizes immediately after finishing. 

  • Age group results will be available on the website. 

  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided at each toilet, as well as the registration tent.

  • Participants, committee members and volunteers who feel unwell will be asked to stay home and not attend the event. 

General Public / Spectators 

  • There will be a “defined space” for spectators. 

  • There will be limited capacity for spectators