Orari Gorge Station is set in the South Canterbury foothills just north of Geraldine. It covers over 10,000 acres consisting of river flats at 750ft above sea level, rolling clay downs at 1000-1500ft and tussock country rising up to 3,500ft.

We run over 8,000 ewes, nearly 700 Hereford cows and 1,500 hinds. We provide top sheep and beef genetics to commercial farmers nationwide with our Orari Gorge Hereford stud and three sheep studs.


Orari Gorge Station was first settled in 1856 by Charles Tripp and still remains in the Tripp family. We are very proud of the high level of environmental protection we have in place with over 1,000 acres of native bush and good water quality ensuring the property is sustainable for future generations.

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