Mountain Bike

E bikes welcome on 11km and 19km bike course. please let us know when you register if you are using an e bike.

Bike Inc 42km Mountain Bike

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This event follows the 27 km mountain bike route for its first loop. It then retraces the route back up the river road and Andrew’s Stream track just as far as the big tree. Here you turn up the hill for your last steep uphill section, then after the Black Birch  Stream crossing the course takes a different route down to the river road and head for the finish line at the wool shed. 
A mixture of gravel road and well-formed farm track. This track includes three steep uphill climbs and steep downhill sections, and several creek crossings.
Please be aware of runners on sections of the course.

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Woodley’s 27km Mountain Bike

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Starting from the Orari Gorge Woolshed, head up the road alongside the stunning Orari river and then Andrews stream for a gentle 13km climb to the historic Andrews Creek Hut. From there it is a sharp climb through the deer farm to an elevation of 735 metres followed by a fantastic down hill run alongside Black Birch stream.


From this point it is another sharp climb to a saddle to traverse through some picturesque sheep country and then an exciting high speed down hill and back to the woolshed. 


Be prepared for some deep creek crossings and minimal pushing of bikes on steep terrain depending on fitness levels. 

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Timaru Can-Am & Sea-Doo

19km Mountain Bike

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Starting with 9 km's on a gravel road with a stream crossing, then onto formed farm tracks, a steep uphill climb with some rocky sections. Be prepared to push your bikes for some of this! Enjoy some outstanding back-country views but take care on the downhill sections.  


Near the end of the ride be aware of competitors from other courses merging.

There are approximately seven creek crossings in all,  with a total elevation gain of 606 meters.

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Ilu Day Spa 11km Mountain Bike

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A fun but challenging 10.9km loop including flat gravel tracks, a steady hill climb, bumpy grass paddocks, and deer lanes, and a steep descent where marshals may ask younger children to dismount and walk.

This race is designed with younger competitors in mind and adults accompanying kids.

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