Four Peak Fitness 37 km Trail Run

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The course starts on flat deer lane then follows the river road up alongside the Orari River. It then continues up the Andrew’s Stream track for approximately 2 km before you turn left at the Big Tree to start your first ascent.


The track comes down into the Black Birch Stream then climbs again. The descent is steep and rocky in places and runners should be aware of mountain bikers on the same course. Once at the bottom of the hill runners turn left and head back up the Orari Gorge for their second loop.


Ascend again at the Big Tree and down into the Black Birch Stream where you will take a different route out to the river road, then follow the road home to the finish line.

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Ashley Communications 21km Trail Run

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Starting with 9 km on a gravel road, including five stream crossings, then onto formed farm tracks, a steep uphill climb with some rocky sections. 


Enjoy some outstanding back-country views but take care on the downhill sections.  Near the end of the ride be aware of competitors from other courses merging.

There are approximately seven creek crossings in all, with a total elevation gain of 606 meters.

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AON NZ 11km Trail Run

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A 10.9 km loop that includes a flat deer lane, a steady uphill climb on farm track, grass paddocks, and laneways.

Competitors are welcome to walk this course. If you are looking for a challenging hill climb with great views please consider the non-competitive Station Hill Walk.

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Fresh Choice Geraldine 4km

Family fun walk / run

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An easy 4.2 kms, enjoy the flat terrain while looking at the hills!

This is a well-formed farm track with one creek crossing, with quite a stony track but might be suitable for a mountain buggy, or for 5-8 yr olds on bikes.

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Geraldine Signs Station Hill Walk

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Designed to be a relaxed family option, with an open start time between 10:20 and 11:30 am. Take your time and enjoy the views.

The Orari Gorge Historic Buildings at the base of the hill will be open for you to look through before the climb, and there will be a short talk on the history of the settlement.  The 416 meter climb will take approximately 45 minutes at a steady pace. The steepest bit is at the beginning. The highest point will be marked then please return the way you came, sticking to the marked track and take any rubbish with you.


It is a total of six km which will take approximately one and a half hours.  We ask that you are off the hill and are signed off as finished in the registration tent within 3 hours of the race time. 

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