The organisers of the Woodbury Hill Country Challenge are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our event.  We have considered the following in our planning: 

⦁    Paper Bags for Race Packs

⦁    Food served in serviettes that go in the “Green Bins”

⦁    Following the Timaru Zero Waste Event Guidelines (found here)

⦁    Cotton event T-shirts 

Coffee Cup.jpg

There will be a coffee cart at Race HQ. To reduce the waste created from single use coffee cups please consider bringing a reusable coffee cup.

Tasha from “Dahm Good Coffee” will offer a 50c discount on coffee if you provide your own reusable coffee cup.  No coffee cups are able to be put in the TDC green bins for composting but the cups that Dahm Good Coffee uses are able to go into home composting systems. 

For people not familiar with Timaru District councils bin system please see below. 

Green Bins

Yellow Bins